Please understand that invariable we find that there are a number of students who want to play the same position. e.g  9 x  WA's for two positions. In these circumstances the selectors will look at the best choice of where to place students in positions to make up complete teams.  For example we will not place 5 shooters in one team and none in another. 

Players who have not registered or paid will not be names in a team until registration is complete

Year 9/1

Maia Housham
Rebecca Osborne
Akiera Walsh
Ria Verma
Anna Jung
Gabriella Wiggett
Mackenzie Sharplin
Gloria Bong

Year 9/2

Julia Santos
Melitz Kim
Katelyn Struwig
Amy Charles
Hannah May
Jessica Coles
Keilah Chhour
Lavinia Wiley

KWS Impact

Ava Harris
Christine McIlrath
Ava Simpson
Elizabeth Hung
Francesca Achira Guzman
Jaime Byrne
Kirsten Young
Julie Charles
Kendra Grobler

KWS Empower

Sophia Crosbie
harmony robertson
Megan Cakebread
Celine Eckard
Sienna Corbett
Sonja Heydenrych
Cassia Reed
Emily Greening

KWS Ignite

Kristin Adams
Gizelle Du Preez
Ane Minnaar
Eva Chhour
Ella Owen
Abby Bensley
Maya McNair
Susanna Greening
Emily McMurray
Madison Owen

KWS Influence

Charlotte Pedersen
Emily Borgfeldt
Eden Dane
Isabel Pearce
Hannah Underwood
Tiffany Beets
Chloe Bloem
Anna Pearce

KWS Invade

Brooke Plummer
Danielle Grigg
Zoe Searby
Gracie wratten
Kayley Seet
Nika Gibson
Bella Port
Chelsea Lucas
Lara Marais
Cheyenne Saul

KWS Activate

Jiyou Chung
Kiana Venter
Eden Kelly
Lynique Venter
Monique de Wet
Tarryn Jansen
Nevaeh McNair
McKenzie Cross



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