1st XI Players

All senior 1 players must attend a 1st teams event Wednesday 1st April 3.30-6pm

We expect all 1st XI players to attend the tournament week in the first week of September. The cost per student is likely be between $450 - $600. However tournament  is a priveldge and not a right. All senior 1 teams and players will be evaluated throughout the season and the school has the right to withdraw a team or players.
Please register & pay the $100 deposit on the school web site under 'tournament' by the end of May please. 

1st XI Boys

Ben Taylor
Bryan Gatchalian
Carlos Morning
Daniel Harrison
Dirco Spies
Franki Thompson
Jack Clark
Joel van Rooyen
Jonathan Daniel
Joseph Greening
Kelvin Luke
Kevin fernando
Liam Hutchinson
Max Thoresen
Maxwell Morning
Ryan Coetzee
Stephen Reed
Timothy Coetzee


 1st XI Girls

Amarise Seet
Ansonica Gilchrist
Ashleigh Davies
Carla Barnard
charlie wills
Dine Spies
Eleanor Franks
Emilie Wallbank
Este Barnard
Gabriella Hamilton
Georgia Theron
Grace Bridge
Jasmine OReilly
Jolie Hutchinson
Lucy Herbert
Mia Irons
Trinity Burton

MS Girls

Anna Bennett
Beth Bridle
Emily Jennings
Hannah Sinclair
Janelle Lee
Jessica OMalley
Kaitlyn Lucich
Kimberly Lipscombe
Milan du Preez
Nicole Wilson
Olivia Bandara
Olivia Nees
Stacia Pelser
Stephanie Warner


MS Boys

Boston Dean
Caleb Jardim
Daniel Wang
Dominic Franks
Jesse Donovan
Ji Hwan Chung
John KIM
Joseph Bridle
Joshua Oliver
Joshua Park
Luke Coles
Ruan Jordaan

2 more boys needed.

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