Registrations Close: FRIDAY, 14 FEBRUARY 2020

If you do not register your child by the date the registration closes there will be a $5 late fee applied and we cannot guarantee your child a place in a team.

5 & 6 year olds - $65

includes a free ball

7 & 8 year olds - $125

includes a free ball

9-12 year olds - $195 

Please note there is a discount for 3 or more players in immediate family living at the same address. Please email TIC if you fit into this category.

NOTE: payment and registration is made through our KingsWay School website initially. You will then be asked to register again on the 'COMET' site. As KingsWay school is affiliated to Hibiscus Coast Football through which we have our league, NZ Football require registration details from all of our players for their database. You DO NOT need to pay again and should be able to bypass this by selecting the “Pay Later” option on the Comet website.

This process ensures that all KingsWay players are able to play in the Football League in a team with other players from KingsWay School.

We will contact all parents who have registered through the KingsWay School website to make sure they know how to register on the COMET site. This is an easy process and won't take long to do. 


Please read the information about refunds below and choose your sport carefully.

Option 1:

Full Fee: Pay full fees on registration.

Option 2:

AP - Set up an automatic payment & pay weekly or fortnightly until the end August for winter sports.  You will need to enter the details of your AP during the registration process, so please set up the AP before registering for sport on the school website and make sure you know the following details:

* the date your AP starts. (Must be when you are registering)

* the date your AP ends

* the frequency of payment

* & the amount

While setting up the AP with your bank, please bear in mind the $50.00 deposit amount for all AP’s, and deduct this amount from the full fees of your AP.  Please make sure your AP payments are made into the sport bank account 12-3084-0192348-52.  The first payment from your AP after your deposit amount, must be made within two weeks of registration.  Once you have set up your AP with your bank, please register your child via the school website using the “Automatic Payment $50.00 deposit” option under your chosen sport.

User Pays Policy for All Sports:

Kingsway School has a user pays policy for all sports. This means ALL fees must be paid prior to commencement of competition or play, unless an AP has been arranged with the sports department. Please e-mail if you would like to set up such a payment.


Students will not be permitted to be placed in a team unless they have registered and paid or paid their deposit & started making AP payments first. If a student doesn’t make a side due to lack of numbers to make a complete team, their fees will be reimbursed, however, fees will not be reimbursed to students who don’t make their choice of team in their chosen code or who no longer want to play and who then choose to withdraw.  Once the teams are made up, if a child pulls out it can leave a team short, cause players to be swapped about in teams and a lot of work administratively both at school and at association level.


HBC football club uniform can be purchased through the HBC club web site 


Sport registrations and payments can now be done online using our secure online trading system. This is the same online shop used for Tuckshop orders, uniform purchases and other school payments that come up through the year. Once you have registered your children, the system will remember your details for further purchases. If you have children in both the Primary and Middle/Senior Schools, all details for your children will appear on the same account in the future.

Getting Started:

1. Click on the REGISTRATION button below for either Primary or Middle/Senior sport registration.

2. Set up an account with a password for future use.

3. Choose your sport options for each child and follow the payment options.

Primary Sport Registration

Middle Senior Sport Registration

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