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KingsWay School has a responsibility every day to account for all students who are enrolled. We ask for students and parents to support us in achieving this, preferably in advance of attendance checks.

Reporting a Student's Absence for Sickness

It is a Ministry requirement to have a written explanation of a student’s absence. This allows for the correct attendance code to be assigned.When your child is absent from school the school must be notified. You can do this either by:

1. By emailing , OR
2. Leave a message on the absentee line 09 427 0900 and enter 1 to leave your absentee message. Please state your name, your child’s name and class and reason for absence.
3. Absences can also be sent via the KingsWay School phone app. To download the app for free on iPhone or Android search 'Kingsway School' in the app store, or click this link.
If you email a teacher, please also copy in so we can ensure the attendance is marked as soon as possible.
Not reporting your child's absence either before or on the morning of their absence will result in an email being sent via our student early notification system and if necessary a phone call to follow up. This is a safety measure. An answer phone is available 24 hours a day – leaving a message saves our office staff considerable time as we follow up all unexplained absences.

If the absence is for more than one day, please advise this in your message. If the absence is three days or more a medical certificate is required.

Students Leaving Early or Arriving to School Late

Leaving during the school day or arriving to school late? Please notify the school of this in advance where possible.

Signing In/Out Using the Vistab Device
Student lateness will now be recorded through the vistab device. This device can be found where the sign in/out book used to be in student reception. All our students names are already entered in the system so it will recognise a student once he/she signs in/out. This new system will keep a log of all students that leave the school for any reason. In an emergency we will know exactly who should be at school and who has checked out.

Please note: The paper late passes will still need to be completed in order to show the teacher that the student has signed in – it does not replace a parent note.

Because parents will no longer be able to sign their children in/out (as the system is now automatic) students MUST bring a note from home explaining their lateness and post it into the box at reception. Same with students having to sign out early, parents must email the school or leave a message at reception. This is a Ministry of Education requirement.

Primary students are not able to sign themselves in (or out) on the Vistab. If a Junior Campus student arrives late, a parent must accompany their child, sign them in and complete the late pass for their child.
Alternatively, they may bring a parent letter (or appointment card) explaining why they are late to School.

Students who become Sick or Injured
Students who become sick, or injured during school hours, must report to the Health Centre. This is a legal requirement. Only when a parent or caregiver has been contacted by the Nurse or office staff will the student be released. Students are NOT to text parents/caregivers to collect them from school, without following the correct procedures.

We would appreciate parent co-operation and assistance with this procedure so we can ensure the safety of all our students.

Reporting a Student's Absence that is NOT Sickness Related

The Ministry of Education requires the school to record such absences in the attendance system as ‘notified but unjustified’.

Parents are asked to try and plan their family holidays during the set school holidays.

Requests for special leave during the school term should be directed in writing to their Head of School:

Primary School: Jenny Harvey -
Middle School: Michael Moimoi -
Senior School: Wes Braddock -

For Students Attending Work Experience on a regular, pre-set timetable

Parents or caregivers are to contact KingsWay School EACH week on the day of their child’s work experience. This is to indicate if your child is at their workplace or at home sick. This is a Ministry requirement that KingsWay School and our Pathways & Careers Department need to uphold.


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