Absence from School - Internal NCEA Assessments

If a student is to be absent from school please CLICK HERE for the protocol of how to report their absence to the school.

Internal NCEA assessments are held throughout each school term and it is essential each Year 11-13 student checks with all their subject teachers to enquire if an NCEA internal assessment is scheduled during their absence. If an NCEA assessment is scheduled the student should complete this before they leave or Request for an Extension of Time. This must be completed and submitted at least 5 school days before their absence from school. 

The request will be considered and although we will do our best to accommodate your request, we cannot guarantee it is possible in every circumstance.

NCEA internal assessments are held nearly every week during the school term. Your son/daughter will be notified when assessments are scheduled in their specific subjects.

Health Centre

Our Health Centre is staffed by qualified nurses who are well able to make the right decisions concerning the wellbeing of students. Parents are responsible for providing the office with updated contact details and health related information concerning their children e.g. asthma, allergies and medical conditions. This includes Health Action Plans provided by your family doctor.
Any medication needed by your child while at school, either on a short or long term basis should be left with the nurse, together with clear instructions on its administration.
If children are unwell, they should be kept at home. It is the best place for them to recover. Contagious diseases and sicknesses spread quickly from student to student when they are in close proximity to one another. If a student becomes sick or injured at school parents will be contacted to arrange for them to be taken home. In the case of a serious injury or medical emergency, parents will be immediately notified and an ambulance may be called.

For further details regarding the school HEALTH CENTRE please CLICK HERE.

Pastoral Care

In the event that a family experiences significant trauma of any sort, we would appreciate sufficient information being provided to their form teacher, Deans or the Head of School who will assist in monitoring students and caring for them. Should staff consider counselling necessary, parents will be contacted regarding the possibility of confidential counselling with one of our trained family counsellors. Parents may also contact our counsellors directly.

For further details regarding PASTORAL CARE please CLICK HERE.

Learning Support

At KingsWay School we believe that God has created all people with their own unique combination of strengths, talents, learning differences and struggles. The Learning Support Department aims to support those students who find the areas of learning and social understanding a challenge.

For further details regarding the LEARNING SUPPORT please CLICK HERE.

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