2020 Trips and Events

2020 School Ball:

Permission Form
Student Code of Behaviour
School Ball 2020 letter to parents

Year 10

  • 10 COM Chelsea Sugar Factory 20th May
  • 10COM Chelsea Sugar Factory 26th Aug
  • 10DAN Dance Festival 18th /19th Sep
  • 10SCI Rangitoto Trip 3/4th Nov
  • Y10 Unitec trip 30 November
  • Y10 Relate Conference- 8/9 Dec
  • Y10 Quest Camp -  8/9 Dec
  • Y10 End of Year trip 10th Dec

Year 11

  • L1Geo trip Waihi 6th March
  • L1PES Tree Adventures/Mountain biking 25th March
  • Y11 Industries Day 12th June
  • Y11 Careers Expo 25th June
  • L1DAN Dance Festival 18th/19th Sep

Year 12

  • L2OED Shakespeare 13th Feb
  • Y12 Media Adobe Workshop 21st Feb
  • L2DRA Pop up Globe 28th Feb
  • L2GEO Tongariro National Park 9th-11th March
  • L2OED Rock Camp 11th -13th March - CLICK HERE to download the pdf form.
  • L2BEC trips to Harcourts Millwater and Adventure Park
  • L2ASM pool diving 19th /20th March
  • L2ASM Open water dives 26th/27th March
  • L2PHY GoKarts 8th April
  • L2HIS Waiouru Trip 11th-13th May
  • L2ASM Fisherman’s cove dive 19th May
  • Y12 Media trip 3rd June
  • L2OED Surf Camp 10th -12th June
  • Y12 Careers Expo 25th June
  • L2PES tough Guy Challenge 26th June
  • L2ASM/L2BIO Tiri Tiri Matangi 24th July
  • L2ASM Marine Microscopy 14th Aug
  • L2OED Tramp 26th -28th Aug
  • L2DAN Dance festival 18th /19th Sep
  • Y12 Leadership 3rd Dec

Year 13

  • Y13 Camp 29th -31st Jan
  • Leaders Conference 25th Feb
  • L3ABL Shakespeare 13th Feb
  • L3HIS Bay of Islands 1-3rd March
  • L3MES Adobe Workshop 6th March
  • L3HIS Library trip 12th March
  • L3GEO Rotorua 18th -20th March
  • L3ABL Waitakeres 26th March
  • L3PHY Rainbows End 7th April
  • Y13 Ball 15th May
  • L3ABL Tawharanui 20th -21st May
  • Y13 Media trip 3rd June
  • L3BIO Massey University Trip 24th June
  • Y13 Careers Expo 25th June
  • L3ABL Mountain Biking Woodhill 2nd July
  • L3BIO Zoo Trip 10th Sep
  • L3DAN Dance festival 18th/19th Sep


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