Head of Faculty and Deans Contacts

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Parental Involvement

(a) Parent Helper

Parents who wish to help children in any aspect of learning are welcome to discuss this with the Head of School or the subject teacher and come to a mutually suitable arrangement. There are many opportunities for parents to be involved with small groups in areas of a parent’s particular skill.

(b) Parent visits to the school grounds
Our school strongly encourages the active involvement of all parents in school activities. This includes visits during the school day. However, common courtesy, the need to preserve classroom learning
atmospheres and our commitment to ensuring the safety of all our children, requires that ALL VISITING ADULTS MUST CHECK IN WITH THE OFFICE before going to any classroom or to the playground. Parents or any other adults (e.g. grandparents, family members) wanting to see or pick up a child during school hours MUST consult the teacher and use the sign in and sign out book at the office.

(c) Parent Teacher Contact
Parent/teacher communication is essential for the child’s optimum progress. All staff are happy to discuss the progress of your child if an appointment is made.

Parent Meetings

The Home/School partnership is foundational to our philosophy. As part of our commitment to this partnership regular meetings are held for parents to communicate important matters relating to your child’s education and the on-going development of the school. These are usually held on the first or second Tuesday of each term. All families must be represented at the first meeting of the year which is held early in February. The meetings for Terms 2, 3 & 4 will be for specific areas of the school and will focus on the development of that area and the curriculum and programmes relevant to the children in the specific department. A Parent/Caregiver from your family is required to attend. If for any valid reason you are unable to attend, apologies must be tendered to the office prior to the meeting. These meetings are a very important aspect of our partnership and crucial to a good working relationship between home and school.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

These are held in Term 1 and Term 3. These interviews give parents opportunity to speak with teachers regarding student progress. Appointments are set up through the online programme PTO (parent teachers on line). More information is sent home closer to the occasion. Parents are also welcome to discuss their child’s progress with teachers at any point in the year. Appointments are made directly with teachers at mutually convenient times.

Contacting Teachers

All staff have email addresses at school and access their mail regularly. The format for emailing staff is, Christian name followed by a dot, then surname, e.g. .


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