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Fitness Room Membership 

CLICK HERE for the fitness room membership and consent form. This is for Year 11-13 students ONLY.


Printer and photocopier use by students at KingsWay School is available by loading money on to the student’s ID card and this can be done by following the simple instructions on the side of the printer located in the Library. The student can then use their student ID card as a swipe card for use of school printers and photocopiers in the school library, outside the A106 lab or outside the S205 lab. The current costs are listed below:
 A-4 Black and White photocopier in Library/Labs – 10 cents
 A-4 Black and White Laser Printer – 12 cents
 A-3 Black and White photocopier in Library/Labs – 12 cents
 A-3 Black and White Lasers in Library/Labs – 24 cents
 A-4 Colour photocopier in Library/Labs – 30 cents
 A-3 Colour photocopier in Library/Labs – 49 cents
 A-4 Black and White photocopier in Library/Labs – 20 cents
 A-4 Black and White Laser Printer – 24 cents
 A-4 Colour photocopier in Library/Labs – 60 cents
 A-3 Colour photocopier in Library/Labs – 96 cents


1. Teachers set and mark homework regularly.
2. While it is acknowledged that each subject may generate different kinds of homework, such homework will be:
(a) Relevant
(b) Specific
(c) Comprehensible
(d) Reasonable in length
3. Where students are required to do assignment work, rather than definitive daily homework, teachers monitor students’ assignment work regularly in order to assist them to manage their time well.
4. Students are required to note down the homework in their device or have a system to record it.
5. Where students are failing to do homework teachers will inform parents early in order to remedy the situation.
6. Students will be instructed in time management and organisational skills with regard to their homework.

Homework times
Year 10 50 – 80 mins/day
Year 11 – 13 60 - 120 mins/day

If there is no set exercise for a particular subject area on any night then students must be encouraged to revise work to date or read widely within their subject area.
If your child is regularly saying that he/she has no homework please contact the school office so the Head of Schools can follow through and discuss the situation with the child’s teacher(s).


We are always in need of assistance for the growing number of students requiring readers and writers for assessments or exams. If you are interested in doing this, please contact the school office who will put you in touch with our coordinator. Please note:
• You DO NOT have to be good at a particular subject although your handwriting should be legible if you are writing for a student.
• Times and students vary but we fit it into to YOUR schedule.


Cell phones are a very useful tool but they can also be a big distraction and can lead to unhealthy forms of interaction.
Cell phones may be brought to school but they should not be used during the school day from 8:45am to 3:15pm. The exception to this is where the student has been given express permission to use a phone by a teacher and is under that teacher’s supervision.
If a cell phone is used during the school day without permission, it will be confiscated. The confiscation will be recorded on KAMAR, parents will be notified and the student can only retrieve the phone from the Senior School Administrator at the end of the school day. If the student is found to breach the cell phone rule a second time, then a dean will contact parents to negotiate an appropriate consequence.
If you need to urgently contact your son/daughter during the school day, please contact the school reception.


The school believes that the use of a motor vehicle by a student to travel to and from school should be a shared decision with the parents of the student concerned. The appropriate application form must be completed and approval must be sought through the Associate Principal, before a student is permitted to bring a vehicle to school. The school car parks are reserved for Teachers and Staff members ONLY, not student vehicles. 


Prayer is a vital part of our school programme and it is through prayer and God’s goodness that we have seen His blessing. Staff begin each day with a devotional time. You are encouraged to uphold the staff in your personal prayers. ‘Partners in Prayer’ is a weekly meeting held from 9 am to 10 am on Wednesday every week during the school term. Currently this prayer group meets in the The Cave, near the Staffroom upstairs in the Bolam block. You are welcome to join this on a casual or regular basis. 


Field trips and camps are an integral part of the education programme. Adequate supervision is always provided. Your written permission is required for all trips/ventures outside the school grounds. Students are transported by bus or in cars with seatbelts. Considerable effort is made to get the best value for a minimal cost. All education outside the classroom activities must be paid for prior to the activity taking place. Individual subject teachers will send instructions for trips and payment procedures home with students.


ID photo cards are required for students in Years 5 to 13. Students can load funds on to this card to enable them to use school photocopiers and printers. The fee for an ID photo card is $12, this includes $5 printer balance, and the charge for a school locker is $13. Note – If an ID photo is lost, the cost is $7.00 for a replacement card as the photographer has to return to the school.


Fundraising activities are primarily a function of the Parents’ Association. While students may be asked to participate in fundraising activities, for class and other trips, school teams or groups seeking to raise finance can only do so after consultation with a member of the senior management team and formal permission has been sought and given. This is to ensure that our fundraising does not interfere with the academic programme.

Any major fundraising ideas/activities must be first sanctioned by the Board of Trustees and any person communicating with the media in the course of fundraising activities must first have sought approval from the Principal. The Parents’ Association may arrange occasional weekend fundraising projects. However, KingsWay School is committed to encouraging family life and will not expect parents to be spending excessive time away from their families on account of school fundraising projects.


Each year the school has to dispose of many items because the owners have not claimed them. ALL clothing must be named to ensure return to the owner of the garment, when left in the playground or classroom. Lunchboxes should have permanent labels affixed. The school is not responsible for misplaced items.


All items of clothing must be clearly named. There are’ Lost Property’ drawers in the Bolam Block outside the Business Manager’s office for the storage of lost property. A staff member must be present when students are checking the lost property drawers. Parents and students are encouraged to check these drawers if property has been misplaced. Unnamed clothing is available to buy at $5 an item and proceeds will go to mission endeavours. Unnamed lunchbox containers are available to purchase at $2 per item and proceeds will also be donated to mission work as above.

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