NCEA Exam Timetable 2019

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NCEA Assessment Procedures

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Checking Standards and Results

Students should regularly check whether the entered standards and their internally assessed results are correct. If a STAR course is completed, please check that the results are online.
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Handing in Internal Assessments (Assignments)

If an Internal Assessment is an assignment, the following requirements need to be met and communicated to the students:

1. The assignment is to be handed in BEFORE 8.40am on Monday morning

  • If school is closed on Monday (e.g. TOD), the first school day back will be applicable

2. Assignments will be handed in to the Student Reception

  • The place of hand-in may be otherwise specified by the teacher (e.g. large, bulky work - poster-like or models). 
  • Technology (FFT, HMT, DVC, DGT) will be handed in during class time in the first lesson of the week. 
  • Performance assessments will be scheduled by the teacher

3. Any assessment that is handed in after 8.40am on the Monday morning will get a NOT ACHIEVED

  • If an assignment is late, application for work to be assessed should be made to the Head of Senior School that morning. 
  • In the event of sickness on the hand-in date, a medical certificate is required.

4. Teachers will place checkpoints in place to assist students to work towards:

  • The completion of assignments 
  • Meeting all the Performance Criteria


Extension for Internal Assessments

Eligibility for an Extension
The following are examples of acceptable reasons for an extension:
• School trips (applications must be made at least five school days before the trip)
• National representation (application must be made at least five school days before the trip)
• Medical (application to be made by email immediately and then followed by an application form and medical certificate)
• Bereavement (application to be made by email immediately and then followed by an application form)

The following are examples of reasons which may not be approved:
• Leave from school for personal reasons such as trips overseas
• Failure of the student to manage their workload and meet deadlines

Procedure to apply for an Extension
1. Fill in the application form electronically and email it to the subject teacher. (The form is on Moodle and the school website)
2. Discuss the application with the subject teacher and negotiate an appropriate due date for the assessment.
3. The teacher will then email the application to the Head of Faculty who will then email the application to the Principal’s Nominee who will give the final approval.

Principal Nominee’s Final Approval will depend on:
• Reason for the extension
• How long it will delay the cohort
• Whether or not the task is dependent on a new assessment being prepared
• Teacher and Head of Faculty recommendations
• Fairness to other students
• NZQA rules and regulations

An application does not automatically entitle the student to an extension.
Students are to complete an application form and email this to Mrs Coles at .

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NCEA the Facts

NZQA has produced a series of Fact Sheets regarding NCEA
• The online version of these fact sheets provides important links to research and other information.
• It also contains a series of quotations from principals and others.


NCEA Information Evening - NCEA Overview

Please CLICK HERE for a power point presentation from NCEA Information evening that gives parents an understanding of how NCEA works.

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