Senior School Exam Procedures

1. Complete silence in the exam room. Absolutely NO talking from the time you enter the exam room until the last paper has been collected. No communication of any kind except through exam supervisors.

2. No borrowing of equipment.

3. Bring all stationery requirements in a clear plastic bag, not a pencil case (calculator, ruler, pencil, pens, protractor etc as required).

4. No books or papers related to the exam subject are to be brought to the exam room.

5. No mobile phones, iPods or other electronic devices are permitted in the exam room, including electronic watches. 

6. No dictionaries or electronic translators are allowed in the exam room.

7. Exams must be written in pen using blue or black ink. No green or red pen is allowed. Diagrams, graphs etc may be in pencil.

8. No twink/correction fluid or tape is to be used in the exams. Cross out the incorrect answer and write the correct answer alongside.

9. If you finish early, sit still and do not distract anyone else. Check your answers thoroughly before handing in your paper.

10. You may take a book for revision in another subject into the exam room so you can revise from that after handing in your paper.

11. All Students must stay in the exam room for the duration of the exam.

12. If you need to temporarily leave the exam room (out of dire necessity), raise your hand and wait for a teacher to escort you. Only one student will be permitted to leave the room at a time.

13. If you are sick and miss an exam please contact the Principal's Nominee, Mrs Coles.

14. NO food or drink is permitted in the exam room.

15. PLEASE NOTE: Exam times are different to the bell times which the rest of the school will follow. Students must make sure that they are on time, especially after lunch.

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