KingsWay School is committed to use Digital Learning in our curriculum to enhance and transform teaching and learning. Therefore, our aim is to develop empowered Christians who impact their world across digital and physical environments; educated and equipped for their future.


BYOD - Specifications for Devices

Please CLICK HERE for information on specifications for devices - letter to Year 9 Parents


Acceptable Computer Use Policy for Students

The school has made computers available to students for the purpose of assisting directly with their studies. The following instructions are given to our students:


Under no circumstances may you use another person’s Network Account or give your password to another person.
The use of passwords enables us to keep track of who is responsible for unacceptable use or damage to the system. It is important that you help us maintain security and avoid damage to the school computer system by making sure that no one else uses your password. Passwords should be changed at regular intervals. Students will be held responsible for any unacceptable usage or damage occurring from the use of their login account. If students suspect their password has been used by anyone else, they should report their suspicions to the IT Manager, a Computer Technician, or to the Senior Manager responsible for IT. The student should then change their password. Under no circumstances may the student use another person’s password.

Transfer of School Work to or From Home
Email has been provided specifically for this purpose. Email is capable of transferring files up to 10Mb in size. However, you should note that not all email providers allow attachments this big – e.g. Hotmail allows only 1Mb currently.
Larger amounts of school work may ONLY be transferred by the IT Department, on request. The technicians can handle a large range of electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, USB or Flash or Pen Drives, SD cards, etc.

What to do if You Have A Problem Or Request:
Students can either contact one of the Computer Technicians or log into the help desk via the short cut from the start menu.
Students may not leave a class to find a technician without their teacher’s permission.

Changes to this Policy
Due to the rapidly changing nature of information and communication technology, the school reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Should this be necessary an updated policy will be issued to all students. It is expected that this policy will be updated on an annual basis.

For users engaging in unacceptable uses of the computer systems, consequences will include detentions, removal of privileges, being banned from using computer resources for a period of time, being charged for repair of damage to resources and/or for the technician time taken to repair the damage.



Please CLICK HERE to download the KingsWay School Cybersafety Agreement


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