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At Kingsway our mission is “to be a Christian community of learning that nurtures young people towards their full potential as servant leaders in the kingdom of God.” With this mission in mind, the professional and experienced teachers and staff at Kingsway are united in their desire to see students succeed to the very best of their ability. We know that our students’ continued success holds significant benefits for both our local community and beyond.

As an integrated school with a distinctive Christian character, our programme is aligned to the New Zealand Curriculum, yet it is also taught from a Biblical world view. This means that we strive to make active connections between our Christian faith and the implications for students’ interactions in real world/ ‘market place’ scenarios.

Students develop an understanding of the NCEA standards-based system in Year 10 and assessment is aligned to this. In Years 11 to 13 students have the opportunity to attain their National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) at Levels 1, 2 and 3 through a wide variety of subject choices.

At Kingsway, there is a genuine desire to see students achieve at their full potential so that when they leave school they are well equipped to succeed. Every year our students achieve well above the national average in NCEA and frequently above the average for other Decile 10 schools. To assist in this, our Heads of Faculty and Deans work with every student to ensure they meet their personal goals. This is supported by a well organised Careers Department, with staff who align students’ subjects with career pathways and work experience.

Knowing and caring for each student as a whole person is a particular focus in Senior School. To this end we have small form classes led by teachers who are motivated to connect with parents and whanau to form a partnership that will provide the best support for students. We also use a restorative approach to discipline so students learn to take ownership of their behaviour, understand the effect it has on others and take steps to repair any harm caused by their actions.

The development of servant leaders is integral to our vision. We have six councils that are led by students and mentored by staff. These provide students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in the areas of sport, the arts, Christian faith and service to the community. Overseas mission experience is also offered and for many students it provides an amazing opportunity to outwork the service and leadership skills they have developed during their time here at school.

We look forward to getting to know your son or daughter and seeing them discover more about themselves and moving towards their full potential in our Senior School.

Daniel Bennett
Head of Senior School

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