,KingsWay Primary School in Auckland

The Primary Syndicate of KingsWay School caters for students from New Entrant to Year Six. Our Junior Campus, a recently built Innovative Flexible Space, comprises 2 learning studios within which the students are grouped into home bases. A strong discipleship model shapes our approach to teaching, while teachers constantly explore ways of using our unique and flexible spaces to enhance student learning.

We believe that children learn and develop best when school and parents enjoy a close partnership. We seek to build an effective community of teachers, parents and children, and welcome parents to participate in the many opportunities available for them to be involved in the life of the Primary School.

Our vision is to cultivate a climate that encourages students to grow a personal commitment to Christ, which impacts not only their character and behaviour, but all aspects of their learning. We desire our students to develop their potential in every area of their God given talents and abilities so it is important to us that all students feel safe and supported throughout their school day.

While we reach or exceed the National Learning Outcomes, all curriculum teaching is filtered through a Christian Biblical world view so that students develop an understanding that God is just as much involved with mathematics as he is when Christians worship on Sundays. We desire to establish in each student a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, understandings and attitudes that will grow and shape them as they move through KingsWay and on into Tertiary learning.

KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |