Curriculum New Cover 2019KingsWay School is an integrated non-denominational school of special Christian Character. Our KingsWay Curriculum aligns KingsWay School’s Special Character and unique context with the intent of the New Zealand National Curriculum published in 2008. Our curriculum document is a clear statement of what we deem important in education at KingsWay School.
The aim of the curriculum is to provide quality educational programmes built on the developmental needs of the students. It encourages students to be confident, active problem solvers who are engaged in the learning process. It encourages students to be connected to God and others.
The curriculum provides students with experiences that enhance and develop their personal and interpersonal skills, spiritual attitudes and values across the learning areas.

Special Character

Our Special Character permeates all that we do. All teaching is designed to be implemented through a Biblical Worldview and is outworked through our principles, values and key competencies.
Students also participate in daily morning devotional times based around the Positive Action Bible Curriculum. A key emphasis of this resource is to establish students in the Word of God so that they can begin to find answers for themselves. It presents students with the kinds of material that will help them go beyond factual knowledge of the Scriptures to growing in wisdom and understanding. A strong emphasis is placed on character development with the goal of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of the students conforming them to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29).

The NZ Curriculum Learning Areas

The NZ Curriculum consists of 8 Learning Areas: Mathematics and Statistics, English, Social Sciences, Technology, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Science and Languages.

Optional BYOD

BYOD Brochure for Years 5 9 COMBINED for webPlease CLICK HERE to open our BYOD booklet for the Primary.

Please CLICK HERE to open the BYOD Year 6 presentation (shown to parents at the Year 6 Parent Meeting on 6/3/2019).

Digital Technology (ICT)

As the 21st Century is characterised by rapidly changing technology it is imperative that students acquire the following ICT skills.
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Communication and collaboration
• Digital, information, media, visual and cultural literacy

The ICT programme is designed to equip students with the skills they need to become competent users of ICT. At each year level, the ICT skills will be tailored to complement and support the curriculum being delivered by the classroom teacher.

The value of using ICT in the curriculum is that it:

• Motivates and engages students
• Increases interaction and discussion about learning objectives
• Makes repetitive tasks more interesting
• Provides access to new software, vast resources and information
• Enables creative publishing
• Develops digital citizenship and cyber safety
• Makes connections with home and community
• Enables tailoring of individual programmes
• Extends learning

Please CLICK HERE to download the full Cyber Safety Agreement. This needs to be signed by all parents with children using devices at KingsWay School.

Using Computers at Home

Responsible computer usage is as much learned at home as it is at school. KingsWay School supports the use of safe computing practices at school and at home. Helpful strategies include supervision of students using computers, educating them on how to use the internet safely and equipping them with what to do in difficult situations.
The following safe computing strategies are recommended:
• Be actively involved in your student’s internet use
• Place the computer in a public area in the home (not in bedrooms)
• Use family-friendly search engines and internet filters
• Monitor chat and peer to peer messaging


Reporting to parents is a legal requirement and most importantly, a part of our commitment to parent partnership. In Terms 1 and 3 parents are invited to attend a Parent Teacher Interview. In Terms 2 and Term 4 full written reports are issued which include information about:
- Growth and development in the Key Competencies
- Achievement in other curriculum areas

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