There are a number of strategies which we use to promote effective communication about school or studio events, parent meetings, class matters, individual performance or any other matters that may arise. These include:

Junior Campus Newsletter

A Junior Campus newsletter is distributed regularly to inform parents of Junior Campus matters and updates.

Class Letters

Every week teachers email the parents of the students in their class informing them of events occurring during the week, upcoming trips, forms that need returning, home learning expectations, the memory verse that needs to be memorised, etc. Teachers value and welcome parent help. The type of support needed will vary between classes and studios. Teachers communicate these opportunities through the weekly class letter.

Connect Magazine

At KingsWay School, full colour magazines called 'Connect' are printed and distributed at the end of Terms 1, 2 and 3. These bulletins are an excellent way to keep parents informed of the many events that are happening across the whole of the school, including the satellites. They inform the school community about important matters and they include events of interest and also celebrate the successes and achievements of our students.

Letters and Telephone Calls

Urgent or private matters will be addressed by a staff member via telephone or email. Please ensure that parent contact details are kept updated.
Parents are required to email the teacher:
• If your student has an appointment during school time or needs to be withdrawn from school early.
• Concerning any temporary incorrect uniform related issues.
Students are not permitted to make phone calls home. Urgent matters will be handled by Administration staff.

Sign In and Out book

Parents arriving late with their students are required to register the student’s late arrival at the school office. The electronic sign in/sign out vistab is an important register, particularly should there be an emergency event occur during the school day.
Similarly, parents withdrawing students during the day for any reason are required to sign the students out at the school office and then sign them back in if they are returning to school on the same day.
Parents helping in classrooms should also sign in at the office as the school has a responsibility to account for every person on site for student safety and in the case of an emergency.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews may be requested at any point during the year. These can be arranged directly with the teacher. Formal Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice throughout the year: At the end of Term 1 and at the end of Term 3. All parents receive a password to access the PTO (Parent Teacher Online) site to book appointment times.

Reporting to Parents

The following reporting cycle is followed :

End of Term 1 - Parent/teacher conferences
End of Term 2 - Formal written reports
Term 3 - Parent/teacher and student conferences
Term 4 - Formal written reports
Parents are required to attend the Full School Parent Meeting in Term 1 and the Primary School Parent Meeting in Term 2.

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