Please complete the relevant forms below. If you have more than one child participating in an event, you will need to fill the form out separately for each child.
Information about these events will be included in the Middle School Newsletter published each term CLICK HERE or you will receive an email from the relevant teacher.


Permission Forms

Blanket Permission Form - Local Area Activities only

9ODP Activities Permission Form

Year 9 Work Day Proposal

Y7-8 On Purpose Day

9SPS Surfing Trip

Year 7 Trip

Year 8 Trip

Year 9 Trip

9SPS Snowplanet Trip

Service Day

Cross Country Permission Form

Year 9 Camp Permission & EOTC Form

Year 7 Water Wise

Year 8 Water Wise

Year 9 Water Fun

Athletics Day


Registration Forms

Year 8 Sports Camp

Relationship Evening

Year 9 Camp Intentions Notification Form

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