We ask parents to please:

  • Use email as the primary source of correspondence
  • Initial and check Home Learning on a weekly basis
  • Monitor your child’s reading habits
  • Contact your child’s homeroom teacher, the Head of Department of the Year Group, the relevant Dean or the Head of Middle School via e-mail or letter if you have a concern which is of a personal nature
  • Do not contact teachers at home or on their personal telephone numbers regarding school-related matters
  • Always get the teacher’s point of view before making a judgement
  • Chat to us and not about us
  • Support the rules and guidelines set down by the school
  • Volunteer to be involved
  • Pray for us regularly.

Cell Phones at School

Cell phones are a very useful tool but they can also be a big distraction and can lead to unhealthy forms of interaction.

Cell phones may be brought to school but they should not be used during the school day from 8:45am to 3:15pm. The exception to this is where the student has been given express permission to use a phone by a teacher and is under that teacher’s supervision.

If a cell phone is used during the school day without permission, it will be confiscated. The confiscation and the student can only retrieve the phone end of the school day. If the student is found to breach the cell phone rule a second time, then a dean will contact parents to negotiate an appropriate consequence.

If you need to urgently contact your son/daughter during the school day, please contact the school reception.

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