KingsWay Middle School

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KingsWay Middle School provides a Christ-centered education for students in Years 7 to 9, the emerging and early adolescent years. It is our belief that these years are crucial years in a child’s life, a time of rapid growth in their social, physical, emotional and spiritual development. This belief is supported by research that shows the different needs Middle School students have when compared to primary and secondary students.

Middle School allows students to continue their schooling with homeroom based teaching where they are supported by one main teacher. The curriculum includes a range of specialist subjects taught by specialist teachers. Students consolidate skills learnt in Primary and develop a greater level of competency in Middle School, preparing them for Senior School. Our teaching programmes are designed with early adolescent students in mind while ensuring all students are catered for.

We encourage all Middle School students to engage fully with their learning, take opportunities, develop relationships and grow as followers of Jesus Christ. There are many opportunities for our young people to take up challenges and develop their potential. These experiences include sporting, cultural, academic and leadership opportunities. Our Middle School Whanau house programme ensures regular injections of fun and competition. Other opportunities include parental attendance such as our Relationship Evenings held across the year and the Year 9 Science Fair.

Middle School teachers are committed to being in partnership with you in the process of discipling your children while in the early stages of their development into adulthood. Please join us as we endeavour, 

“To be a Christian community of learning that nurtures young people towards their full potential as servant leaders in the kingdom of God.”

Lisa Lambert
Head of Middle School



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