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Our Vision

KingsWay School is a co-educational, non-denominational Christian school of around 1400 students from Year 1 through to Year 13. Our vision for KingsWay graduates is that they may be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners who embody the Christian special character of the school. The Middle and Senior Schools are situated on the same campus, on 10 acres of well-resourced facilities. The Primary School is situated on a separate Junior campus within easy walking distance of the Senior Campus and is recognized as being an innovative, modern 21st Century learning environment.

KingsWay School has established a reputation for producing outstanding academic results being amongst the top in the country. The latest New Zealand Education Review Office report states Kingsway School has highly effective systems to maintain the quality of both education and pastoral care for international students. Students’ progress towards achievement is well monitored. International students are well integrated into the school’s educational, community and cultural experiences.

Our educational programme is innovative, reflecting best practice and catering for a broad academic range. We aim to empower students to exercise their talents responsibly by leading a fulfilling life as disciples of Jesus Christ and making an active contribution as servant leaders towards social justice and the common good.


KingsWay School is located on the Hibiscus Coast and is surrounded by world-class beaches and areas of natural beauty. We are walking distance to a shopping mall, library and a variety of cafes and restaurants. We are 17 km from a larger urban shopping area that is well serviced by a regular bus service.

Pastoral Care

We believe that the school’s purpose for existing is to honour, value and support all the children in our care. We have committed to adding value to each child through the provision of programmes that are designed to support, nurture and enrich their lives. Our Pastoral Care Programmes and Career Pathways Faculty support our students on their academic journey.

Student Placements

KingsWay School offers placements to students for a minimum of one year. Their English needs to be of a level to integrate into subject classes. For senior school students wishing to continue to study at a university, the ideal start time is before Year 10 (about age 14) to enable their English to develop adequately to cope with the demands in Senior School and for the students to achieve their maximum potential.

Language Support

We offer a variety of graduated classes for the support of English language development.

These include:

  • ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • SLE (Second Language English)
  • ENC (Core English)


KingsWay has well equipped modern teaching classrooms. School facilities also include:

  • Newly built Primary School - a modern learning environment
  • Modern library and study areas
  • 2 conference rooms
  • Full-sized event centre
  • Fitness and weights studio
  • Robotics and technology suites
  • Drama and rehearsal rooms
  • Music rooms including music tutorial suites
  • Large dance studio
  • Sport offices
  • Meeting and interview rooms
  • 5 fully equipped science laboratories
  • Newly built hospitality suite with full commercial kitchen
  • 3 speciality art rooms
  • Large grass playing fields, tennis courts and playgrounds.

Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is a document which provides a framework for service delivery by educational providers and their agents to international students. The Code sets out the minimum standards of advice and care that are expected of educational providers with respect to international students. The Code applies to pastoral care and provision of information only, and not to academic standards.

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Excellent Results for the 2017 ERO Report

The reviewers offered high praise for KingsWay School. In 2017 KingsWay was granted a 4/5 year review cycle - the best possible outcome and reserved for exceptionally well-performing schools.
Please CLICK HERE to view the 2017 ERO Report.


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KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |