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KingsWay is a state-integrated, coeducational, composite school with a Christian character. Students from Years 1 – 13 attend this school. They can start school at 5 years old and finish at the age of 18 years. There are three groups of year levels; Primary Years 1 – 6, Middle School Years 7 – 9 and Senior School Years 10 – 13. School buses service the school from as far as 50 kilometres away.

Biblical View

All subjects are taught from a Biblical perspective. All teachers and staff are committed Christians who create a supportive, caring, nurturing environment. There is strong pastoral support for our students. We ensure students take responsibility for their learning and behaviour and we believe quality learning comes from a close partnership between home, home stay and school. The well qualified staff encourage students to work towards achieving their potential in all areas.

Supportive Environment

New students adapt quickly and are assimilated easily into the school community, with new friends and their delegated support student or buddy taking care of them. The kindness of students and teachers ensures new students feel comfortable in their new school.


Throughout the school, students have many opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Responsibilities are given to students from a young age. Every year a number of students are appointed into formal leadership roles. Year 13 students are appointed to Arts Council, Sports Council, Peer Support, House Leaders and Prefect teams. KingsWay hosts the bi-annual Equip Conference where students from all over New Zealand come to KingsWay School to learn how to grow and develop as leaders in their school and their community.

Mission Outreach

Students reach out to others through mission ventures both locally and internationally. These opportunities enable students to grow in their own Christian walk and increase their sensitivity and understanding of the needs of others. Mission outreach enables students to serve others in a wide range of contexts. Students have the opportunity to participate in trips to Vanuatu, Thailand or Tanzania to serve and support Christian organisations in these countries. Service Days provide students with a range of activities through which they can assist others in the community.


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