KingsWay international homestay

Designated Care (A private arrangement by the family)

  • A Designated Caregiver is either a family member or a close friend of the family who knows the student well and with whom the parents wish their child to live.
  • An agent representing the family may not be the Designated Caregiver.
  • All details of the designated caregiver must be completed in the application form and the parents must sign that they take responsibility for this placement and that the student may not move from this placement unless it is to a home approved by KingsWay School.
  • Designated caregiver are required: to be interviewed, have everyone over 18 years old police vetted, have a house inspection to make sure the house meets the minimum standards as outlined in the
  • Code of Practice for The Care of International Students, and have visits twice per year to ensure the welfare of the student. Designated caregivers are responsible for students after school hours.
  • No designated caregiver will be approved unless there is an adult member of the household who is able to communicate in English.
  • Students may not live in rented flats or apartments or in any circumstances not approved by the School. Should this occur, KingsWay School will terminate the enrolment of the student.

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