Welcome to Water Polo at KingsWay School.

Season Information:

The local intermediate school league is run by the Hibiscus Coast Waterpolo Club on Sunday's during school terms 2 & 3 at The Leisure Centre, Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay. The league usually starts the second Sunday of the term and runs through until the end of the term.

Expressions of interest for year 9 -13 players - College Sport competition

If you are a strong swimmer or have played waterpolo before and are interested in joining a team combined with Whangaparaoa School please register on the link below Term 1 competition is already underway, we are looking at forming a KWS team for term 2.

Year 9 & 10 team

Expressions of interest from any Y9 - Y10 student who would like to join the Y9/10 league. We need 10 boys and 10 girls to make  a team. If you are interested please  register below without payment

Year 7 & 8 team

 We are unable to offer practices exclusively for Kingsway water polo students at this time. Pool space is very expensive and almost impossible to book. In order to get all our students into the pool for training, we require you to join a club team.  This means that everyone has a club training scheduled sometime during the week and our Kingsway team is an add-on to for those players. Hibiscus Coast or North Harbour clubs are the closest water polo clubs.

Waterpolo is a physically demanding sport and requires a reasonable level of skill and mastery, together with swimming fitness that we are unable to provide the training for.  Because of the depth of the water and the physicality of the game, we need to ensure students have been taught the skills to keep themselves safe. Waterpolo clubs are well equipped to provide training and support, especially to students who are new to waterpolo

 Any year 7 or 8 player that is a member of a club and would like to join our KWS team to play at the Leisure Centre please fill out the form below. The cost is approx $60 - $70  per swimmer depending on numbers. Please register below without paying and we will collect fees once we have enough to form a team.

Primary Flippa Ball

Year 3/4 Junior waterpolo - played in the shallow end of the pool and using adapted waterpolo and flippaball rules this is a fun and engaging entry point that builds confidence in the water, teamwork and develops basic ball skills. We start this grade with two referees one in the pool supporting the players and one officiating on the side.

Teams are 6 players and the goalie in the pool. Substitutions at any time.

Games will be 2 x 10 minute halves with running clock.

Year 5/6 Junior waterpolo - also played in the shallow end of the pool and using adapted waterpolo and flippaball rules. This is a faster game than the year 3 and 4’s play but still hugely fun and engaging. This further develops the players water confidence and their swimming ability as well as their teamwork and ball skills. We start this grade with two referees officiating on the side.

Teams are 6 players in the pool plus the goalie. Substitutions at any time.

Games will be 2 x 10 minute halves with running clock.

Caps and swimwear

Sets of caps are provided, but teams may use their own caps if they prefer. Wearing of rash shirts and goggles are not allowed (except by permission).

Register your expression of interest HERE 

Term 2 Sunday League start date 9 May - 6 June 2021 (no games Queen's Birthday) (8 weeks)
Term 3 Sunday League start date 1 August - 26 September 2021(9 Weeks) 

Times and game format for Primary and MS

• Played Sunday evenings between 4pm – 8:30pm at the Leisure Centre
• 6 students in the water, 5 swimmers and a goalie.
• Games are 20 minutes long (10 minutes each way)
• Mixed boys and girls teams.

Waterpolo is a physically demanding, competitive, contact sport. It is played in the deep end of the Leisure Centre pool where students cannot touch the ground, nor are they allowed to hang onto the side of the pool during the game. To ensure our students safety, it is important that they are capable swimmers. We suggest that students should be able to swim at least 100 metres non-stop before registering for waterpolo at Kingsway. If your child is not a competent swimmer but is interested in waterpolo, there are other options within the Hibiscus Coast Club specifically for beginners and many local options for swimming training.

If you would like further details please contact Anita Fitzgerald

Fees and Registration

Training Times and Team Lists

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