Welcome to Year 3-6 Netball at KingsWay School.

Season Information:

Netball as a team sport is offered to KingsWay students from Year 3 through to year 13. We welcome new and existing players.

Though predominantly a female sport, boys are allowed and do compete at an equal level until age 12.

KingsWay Primary is affiliated under the Hibiscus Coast Netball Centre.

Netball starts in term 2. Primary teams play on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Practices are dependent on the coach, alot of teams practice at school during a lunch time (12.45pm - 1.45pm).

See https://www.futureferns.co.nz/ for rules and other information


Year 3 & 4: Season dates are to be confirmed but based on last years dates we estimate the following:
Start:  Wednesday 29th April - 26th  August 2020. Games will start from 4.00pm.to approx 5.20pm depending on the number of teams

There will be no play on the middle and last week of July school holidays.

Year 5 & 6:
Start: Thursday 30th April - 27th August 2020. Games will start from 4.00pm.to approx 5.20pm depending on the number of teams

There will be no play on the middle and last week of July school holidays 

Hibiscus Coast Netball Centre Junior Netball: http://www.hbcnetball.co.nz/


Coaches and Managers: $50 off players fees for coaches.

If you are able to volunteer your time to coach or manage a team please e-mail the TIC below. This is another great way to get to know your child’s friends and team mates and to positively influence the students. Any parent who can offer to coach a team and run training sessions for a season (two terms) will be offered a $50 reduction off one of their child’s netball fees. If there is more than one coach the $50 will be halved or one coach selected by the TIC/Sports Dept depending on the experience/suitability/reliability and/or philosophy of the coach.

Please click on the relevant link below for more information on this.

Please note that we are unable to enter any team that does not have a volunteer coach and manager.

Upcoming coach courses at North Harbour Netball. PLEASE SEE WWW.NETBALLNORTHHARBOUR.CO.NZ FOR DETAILS



Hibiscus Coast (HBC): Netball is only cancelled in extreme weather conditions, i.e. Thunder and lightning. The message on the HBC phone at the centre will be updated if there is a cancellation. So if you are concerned about the weather, please phone (09) 424-2318 as close as possible to game time, for an update. As far as possible, team coaches and/or managers will be notified as soon as cancellation notices are circulated.
Forfeits: If your team cannot play on the designated game time, it is imperative that the team coach/manager contacts Mrs Raelene Beguely to organise the cancellations with the centre and the affected opposition teams. It is very important to do this through the formal channels to ensure the communication is circulated to the correct parties.


Please click the links below for more information on this sport.

Should you have any further queries, kindly contact the TIC of this sport, Raelene Beguely on  

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