Season Information:

Football is offered to Year 1-6 KingsWay students and is played in partnership with the Hibiscus Coast (HBC) Football Club pool of games. KingsWay students play together as a team with KingsWay School coaches but play in the HBC Football colours and within the HBC pool of games.

Some of the advantages of playing for the school (rather than directly registering through the HBC club) are:

* School friends get to play in the same football teams. The practices take place after school and the teams will be coached by a parent within the school (rather than with someone you don't know).
* Within our school we have a strict culture where certain behaviours are not allowed on the playing field in line with our school sports code of conduct (eg. bad language or bullying).
* Prices are the same but the school allows you to spread the cost of the fees between January to Sept.
* School teams are included in the KingsWay School Sports Prize Giving in Term 4. Players also have the opportunity of being acknowledged at the HBC Sports Prize Giving at the end of the season.
*KingsWay School parents who volunteer to coach, referee or manage teams will have the advantage of attending training evenings given by the HBC club.

There is now a GIRLS LEAGUE where girls teams play only against other girl teams. This league starts from 9th Grade.
7+ players are required for Grades 9 and 10.
9+ players are required for Grades 11-12.

PLEASE NOTE: Registrations for Winter Football CLOSE on Friday, 5 March.

The HBC Football Club Open Day (for gear) will be on 13th March. 

Football Grades are based on the age of your child before the 31st Dec 2021:
The grade is the age the child turns in 2021.
I.e those turning 5 between 1st January 2021 and 31st December 2021 play in 5th grade, those turning 6 in 2021 play in 6th grade etc.

Grades 5 to 8 (First Kicks and Fun Football)

First Kicks and Fun Football is for 5th grade (kids turning 5 this year) to 8th Grade (turning 8 this year). All games are played at the Stanmore Bay grounds on Saturday mornings. The first part of the session on Saturday mornings are FUN activities and games following the ‘New Zealand Football Whole of Football Plan’ station rotation format. These sessions are run by the team coach (a volunteer parent within the team). The second 30 minutes are matches among other groups.
All 5th—8th Grade kids who register receive their own football which they get to keep and they are supplied a uniform shirt for their team.

Start date for the season - 10 April 2021.

Grades 9 & 10th Grade (Juniors)

Teams play 7 a side on 1/2 sized fields. Kick-off is usually at 10am (sometimes 11am), playing 2 x 25mins games. Home games are played at Metro Park, Millwater & Stanmore Bay fields. Training will be either before or after school depending on the availability of the coaches and players. Each team is coached by a volunteer parent within the team.
Start date for the season - 8 May 2021.
(The HBC club are looking at running an inhouse competition for 9-12year olds, starting on 9th/10th April - details to come). 

Grades 11 & 12th Grade

Teams play 9 a side on 3/4 sized fields. Kick off can be at 10am, 11am or 12pm. Playing 55 mins. Home games are held at our pitches at Metro Park, Millwater, Stanmore Bay and Victor Eaves, Orewa.
Start date for the season - 8 May 2021.
(The HBC club are looking at running an inhouse competition for 9-12year olds, starting on 9th/10th April - details to come). 

Coaches and Managers:

Each team requires one coach and one manager who will be parent volunteers within each team.
Please note that we are unable to enter any team that does not have a volunteer coach and manager.
Coaching or managing your child's football team is very rewarding and coaching training is given by the HBC club. Please CLICK HERE to find more about coaching or managing a football team. 


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Staff Member in Charge of Football:
Mrs Louise Gray


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