Uniform Care Requirements:
  • Sports uniforms will be issued to players for the season and are to be returned (washed) and in good condition immediately after the final match. If a uniform is lost or damaged the player is responsible for paying full replacement costs for the uniform.

  • Please do not wear the sports uniform under any circumstances unless you are playing a match.

  • Please do not hot wash or tumble dry uniforms or place them over heaters to dry as this can cause shrinkage and discolouration, resulting in uniforms needing to be replaced.

  • Please do not iron these uniforms, but rather hang them to dry as soon as the wash cycle is complete. Do not leave wet or damp uniforms folded or crumpled as colours may run.

  • If the hem of a netball or hockey dress is taken up during the season, it must be taken up by hand (not machine) and taken down again before the uniform is returned. If there is any damage caused by hemming the uniform, a replacement fee will be charged.

Thank you for taking care of and showing good stewardship with these uniforms.


Sport Specific Uniform Information:
  • A sports uniform is issued to players for the season and is to be returned (washed) immediately after their final match. This uniform is to be worn with appropriate non-marking footwear and regulation KingsWay sports socks.
  • All of our football (middle school and senior) and all hockey teams (primary, middle school and senior) are to wear the official navy blue KingsWay sports socks as part of their sport uniform at each match.

  • Please note that all of our Senior 1st XI boys and girls football and hockey teams will need to purchase two pairs of socks, a navy blue pair (home kit) and a white pair (away kit). These socks are available to purchase via the school website and can be collected from the uniform shop please.

  • Regulation short, white KingsWay sports socks are also available to purchase via the school website for netball and basketball players.

  • Players are to provide their own sport specific hockey sticks, tennis rackets, suitable sports shoes (trainers / plastic moulded boots - no metal sprigs), black rugby shorts, shin pads and/or mouth guards.


For the following sports, PE uniform is to be worn for matches with appropriate non-marking footwear:

  • Badminton (rackets provided)
  • Futsal (trainers / plastic moulded boots - no metal sprigs)
  • Summer Soccer (trainers / plastic moulded boots - no metal sprigs)
  • Touch Rugby (trainers / plastic moulded boots - no metal sprigs)
  • Students are required to wear white cricketing trousers and their PE shirts with trainers.
Primary Football
  • Primary (5th - 12th) Grade players must purchase the HBC Football green shorts and green socks through HBC Football Club. Shin guards are required.  HBC Football Club will provide each registered player with a Team Shirt for use during the season.




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