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Firstly, we would like to thank all parents, coaches and managers in advance. Without your commitment, unity and strength, we would not be able to field the number of teams that we do as we are unable to enter any team that does not have a volunteer coach and manager.

We believe that it is imperative that every child gets the best possible experience from their sporting opportunities. To this end, we do require parents to become coaches & managers to assist with the running of teams. If you are able to volunteer your time and would like to coach or manage a team this year, please inform the Teacher in Charge of the code in which you wish to be involved. Please feel free to chat to the sports department  if you are thinking about possibly volunteering and would like more information.


         Coaching a team is very rewarding both for students and parents, as it offers an opportunity to positively influence the students whilst getting to know your child's friends in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

          Any parent who can offer to coach a team by run training sessions and attend games for a season (two terms) will be offered a $50 reduction off one of their child’s sports fees.  If there is more than one coach the $50 will be halved or one coach selected by the TIC/Sports Dept on their experience/suitability/reliability and/or philosophy of the coach.

        All Coaches and Managers are required to be Police vetted and attend Coaches and Managers Teams Night at the end of term 1, date to be confirmed in the Senior Campus Gymnasium with their middle school teams.

Coaching courses can be organised to up-skill volunteers. In some circumstances we may use student coaches to take on these roles. The time of the coaching sessions is dependent on the coach’s availability.


 Please CLICK HERE for  the link to go to the ACC SportSmart warm up page.


The Manager’s role is a simple but invaluable one. Managers are mainly responsible for sending out a weekly e-mail to inform the team of times and venues of games that week and to remind the team to bring the necessary gear (e.g. drink bottles, shin guards, etc). The sports department will provide you with the necessary contact details and the TIC will let you know where to find game information (times, maps, etc).

If possible we appreciate it if managers can collect in their Primary team’s uniforms after the final game at the end of the season and return the whole team’s uniforms (cleaned) together to the sports office. This is an invaluable time saver for the sports department in chasing up missing uniforms, and is greatly appreciated.

The Manager also gathers nominations for their team for sports prize giving towards the end of the season and forwards them to the sports department. Details on how to do this are sent out closer to the time.

Please Click Here for the COACHES AND MANAGERS GUIDE.

All sports coaches and managers are asked to attend TEAMS NIGHT.

MS & SNR C & M, on a date speciifed on the individual sports pages are requested to attend TEAMS NIGHT. This is a fun night where the duties and responsibilities of each role are explained.
Captains of each team must attend Captains & Vice Captains event on a date TBC.

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