Students who travel on school buses should ensure they have read and understood the following behaviour expectations. These are to be adhered to when students are travelling on school buses for the safety of the bus driver and all students travelling on the school bus.

Parents/caregivers need to read and agree to the points below and SIGN the BEHAVIOUR EXPECTATION FORM.

  • Your child agrees to always observe the requirements and instructions of the bus driver, teacher/s responsible for bus duty or other designated bus supervisor.
  • Your child agrees to remain seated, in the same seat for the duration of the journey, rising only to leave the bus at my destination.
  • If your child is a standing passenger, they agree to stand quietly and not push or move around the bus.
  • Your child agrees to not eat on the bus.
  • Your child agrees to not throw anything inside or out of the bus.
  • Your child agrees to always respect other students and their property (this includes pushing, verbal or physical abuse, or any other behaviour that may cause harm or distract the driver).
  • Your child agrees to always respect the property of the bus operator (e.g. refraining from standing or kneeling on seats or vandalising the vehicle in any way).
  • Your child agrees to use socially acceptable language when conversing with the driver and/or other students and will not speak at a volume that may distract the driver.
  • Your child agrees to not engage in any behaviour that could put the driver or other students at risk.
  • Your child agrees that any damage they cause to the bus will result in the caregiver being billed for the cost of repairs.

The safety and comfort of everyone on the bus depends on a standard of behaviour and consideration for others that is expected in the classroom. Caregivers will support the school in maintaining these standards of behaviour.

If these Behaviour Expectations are broken:

KingsWay School works with the transport service provider, caregivers and, if necessary, the police to manage student behaviour on buses in accordance with our restorative practice philosophy. This includes, but is not limited to the following steps:

FIRST: Student meeting with Dean and contact with caregiver. Restorative action taken as appropriate.

SECOND: Student meeting with Dean and contact with caregiver informing that the student is not permitted to use bus services for a specified time period. Additional restorative action taken as appropriate.

THIRD: Student meeting with AHOS and Caregivers at School. Student is not permitted to use bus services for an extended period. Additional restorative action taken as appropriate.

Any further breach will result in a student losing access to bus services on a permanent basis. Additional restorative action will be taken as appropriate. If a student loses their place on the school bus, the caregiver needs to ensure they are meeting their legal obligation to get their child to school.


All parents/caregivers of students who use the buses must complete the BEHAVIOUR EXPECTATION FORM that says your child agrees to abide by the conditions of this contract and they understand the consequences if they do not. 

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