Prayer for the Staff, and KingsWay community this year.

Prayer on behalf of the Board of Trustees by Deputy Chair, Allan Bates:


Lord you are Holy, and we acknowledge you as Lord of this school, of our teachers, our staff, of our children, and the entire KingsWay community.

We pray for your richest blessing over our teachers, and the staff at KingsWay school, as they give of themselves on a daily basis. May you bless every part of their ministry of teaching, or other calling, toward caring for and nurturing our children at KingsWay school, and may you guide them, and lead them by your Holy Spirit.

God – I pray for every family here.
For every Father, for every mother, for every caregiver, and for all those standing in to give the best they can to the wonderful children in our care. May they know you. and have wisdom and the strength to be the best they can be.

May we be guided by your word, not exasperating them, but bringing them up, tenderly, with lovingkindness, in the discipline and instruction of your ways Lord.

May we love, honor, nourish and cherish one another, as great examples to them.

We pray for every student here: that they might excel, using the most of the gifts you have given them. May they work diligently, and studiously, and bear fruit that glorifies you as a result, not only academically, but might they truly be: Servant Leaders, people of Godly character who are willing to act on what they believe, and bring heaven to earth, your kingdom coming, your will being done.

May they be leaders, breaking through norms and setting examples, as a light on a hill, drawing others to you, through their example.

Might this work out in ways that stun us, as people achieve their potential- across all areas of life – in education – in humanity – in good deeds – in loving kindness, in whatever you have called them to be. May their light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify you, our Father in heaven.

May you guide us achieving our vision, to truly be a community of learning that represents you, and truly nurtures young people towards being all you have enabled them to be, achieving their fullest potential as servant leaders in the kingdom of God.”
And Lord – may your name be glorified, by amazing fruit that comes.

We ask all of this in the name above all names, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, the son of God, Amen

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