KingsWay School Transport


KingsWay has a travel plan and is a recognised Travel Wise school. The school’s travel plan must be read by parents and adhered to at all times. CLICK HERE to view the KingsWay School Travel Plan.

Further information can be found on

Parking and Traffic – KingsWay has traffic management issues that are a constant challenge and are frequently being reviewed in line with safety practices for students. Parents must follow the instructions of staff on duty.



Car park/child safety: Parents using the car park and surrounds are reminded to please drive slowly and not speed in or out of the car park areas. Please hold your child’s hand to ensure their safety when arriving and leaving the school grounds. When possible reverse into car parks to ensure greater visibility of pedestrians when exiting the car park at peak times.
Front car park: The drop off zone in the front car park is for use in the mornings only and is NOT a pick-up zone after school. The bus that shuttles the primary students after school to their connecting bus in Longmore Lane is under tight time constraints and cannot afford to be delayed by cars exiting the carpark. Children taking the bus home must ride on the shuttle bus from the Junior Campus to Longmore Lane and not walk over to their connecting bus.
Bottom car park: Please use the bottom carpark in afternoons when picking up your child.

Walking to school: All parents whose children walk to and from school are to ensure their children are well briefed on keeping safe. This is especially important when crossing busy roads and waiting for parents to arrive. Advise your child to find a safe place to cross (i.e. at a crossing or an intersection with traffic lights) and to stop, look, listen and not run. Please encourage your children to walk in public places not in secluded side streets.



Parking in the school grounds in the morning or afternoon is only for parents visiting the uniform shop.

Mornings – The drop off zone in the front car park is for use in the mornings only. Parents are encouraged to avoid Jelas Road and to drop off students in Saltwood Street, Totara Views or near the Millwater shops.

If using the drop off zone:

  • Cars must move as far forward as possible to allow other cars to come in from behind. 
  • Students must alight quickly so the traffic keeps moving. 
  • There is no parking in the Drop Off Zone in the morning.​

Afternoons - Students must be picked up outside the grounds in the adjacent Totora View streets or in Millwater. This involves your child taking a short 80m walk to Saltwood Street – see map in our Travel Plan.  Please do not use Jelas Rd. The drop off zone is closed each afternoon and is not available as a pick up location.

Parents are requested not to drive into the school grounds unless absolutely necessary. Only parents accessing the uniform shop or accompanying a school trip are permitted to park on the school site.


BUSES: Behaviour Expectations on Buses To and From School

Please CLICK HERE for the Behaviour Expectations for all KingsWay students who catch buses to and from school.


Parents must ensure that the student’s bike is roadworthy and a safety helmet is worn at all times. It is not advisable for students below Year 5 to ride to school unless accompanied by parents.


The school believes that the use of a motor vehicle by a student to travel to and from school should be a shared decision with the parents of the student concerned. The appropriate application form must be completed and approval must be sought through the Associate Principal, before a student is permitted to bring a vehicle to school. Senior students may park in the school car park if they have the required pass.

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