KingsWay School Transport

Important Bus Notices

Auckland Transport (AT) school buses will operate under Level 2.5 with the following conditions:

  • School students are not required, but are encouraged to wear face masks or face coverings when on dedicated school buses, and when entering and exiting.
  • Students using public buses, trains and ferries must wear face masks or face coverings unless they are under 12 years old. People with a disability or physical or mental health condition that makes covering their face unsuitable do not have to wear face coverings. Other exemptions may be provided when the new Health Order is released.
  • Students are encouraged to wash or sanitise their hands before and after every trip.
  • Payment is to be made by AT HOP card only – please encourage your students to make sure their AT HOP card is registered.
  • Buses will be upgraded this weekend to make a triple beep sound to advise passengers that their AT HOP card is not registered, so they can be encouraged to register it.
  • NZ COVID Tracer QR codes will be placed inside buses. When using public buses passengers must tag on using registered HOP Card and then scan QR code using NZ COVID Tracer App on their phone. Clarification if QR codes must be scanned on dedicated school buses will be provided when the new Health Order is released. However, we strongly encourage all students to get HOP cards, register them and use QR scanner if they have access to a device to do so.
  • Boarding and exiting will be through the rear door on buses with two doors. Single door buses can be used as normal and bus drivers will be wearing face masks.
  • The area around the driver will be out of bounds to provide physical distance for protecting drivers. This area will be clearly marked in the bus.
  • Buses continue to be sanitised in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • School Buses will not have a restricted capacity, including the ability to have standing passengers.
  • Standees are allowed on School Bus Services - because school buses are a controlled environment the Ministry of Health confirmed on Friday 22 May 2020 that a consistent approach to standees can be adopted for school bus services contracted to Ministry of Education and councils/ AT.
  • Buses used on dedicated school bus trips are also used on urban trips and will have seating arrangements and seat stickers installed for use on urban trips, these do not apply for school bus trips.
  • Maximum capacity stickers on the outside of buses will also installed for urban trips only and these capacity restrictions do not apply to dedicated school bus trips.
  • Due to no restriction to capacity on dedicated school buses, and no resources available, AT will not be able to provide additional buses on some trips as we did when we had capacity restriction under pervious Alert Level 2.

Update your AT HOP card contact details

Your AT HOP card supports contact tracing easier. And having an up-to-date contact phone number will make contact tracing faster. Go to and log in to update your details. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your password, it’s easy to have it reset.

Ineligible Students Using School Buses

Drivers have reported that there are ineligible students giving them permission slips that allow them on the bus to go home with friends.
Contractually Ritchies Transport Ltd transports eligible students from their home or nearest available stop to school in the morning and return them from school to home in the afternoons.
School buses are not to be used by ineligible students to get to after school activities, jobs, friends etc.
Buses have a loading capacity and as some are combined with other schools they can be fully seated when all eligible students are on-board. We cannot carry ineligible students causing the buses to reach more than capacity.


Things to Know

Catching Buses

1. You pick up your bus in the mornings at a bus stop near your home (please refer to the bus routes below).
2. In the afternoons Primary students will meet together at the Junior Campus bus bay and will be transported to Longmore Lane bus bay so they can be put on the right ride home.

All Buses depart from Longmore Lane.

Bus Rules

CLICK HERE for the code of conduct expected of all KingsWay students who catch buses to and from school.

AT Hop Cards

1. Bayes Coachlines will not accept the 10-card concession ride/clip-cards. You MUST have an AT Hop card and you MUST tag on AND off the bus (or face the consequence: 3-Strikes of not tagging off = no ride on the bus as your card will be locked).

Please CLICK HERE to view quick instructions to register your AT HOP Card.
NOTE: AT HOP cards must be registered to a specific person. If that person is over 16 years of age they will be charged adult fares unless you take your AT HOP card and Student ID to our closest Service Centre: 

Please refer to the information below for various routes near your area.


Bus Routes

North Shore Public Bus Services - Bayes Coachlines

All of our North Shore buses are run by Bayes Coachlines.
Click on their website to view route details and select 'KingsWay School'

Ministry Combined Services - Ritchies

The Ministry of Education provide a free shared Bus Service for the following areas:

1507 Horseshoe Bush, Blackbridge Roads 

1509 Kaukapakapa, Waitoki, Pine Valley 

1512 Stillwater

1515 Puhoi

1516 Tahekaroa 

1518 Parakai, Helensville, Wainui 

1523 Haruru and Pine Valley 

1571 (1570) Te Atatu Peninsula Peninsula

1572 Hobsonville 

1577 Waimauku, Huapai, Coatsville 

1590 Waitoki 

11512 Spur Rd and Lennon Access 


GUBBS BUS - running from Warkworth to Puhoi

Please CLICK HERE for the run-sheet of times/locations for this bus.


PLEASE NOTE: Ritchies have route maps on their website but these are currently being updated. Should you have any queries regarding your bus route, please email Ritchies at

KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |