KingsWay School Transport

Important Bus Notices


Please make sure your children have an AT HOP card to pay for their bus ride to and from school. Cash will no longer be accepted.

Children under 16 years old travel free on weekends

Please CLICK HERE for the notice sent by Auckland Transport regarding free transport for children 5-15 years old on weekends.

Ineligible Students Using School Buses

Drivers have reported that there are ineligible students giving them permission slips that allow them on the bus to go home with friends.
Contractually Ritchies Transport Ltd transports eligible students from their home or nearest available stop to school in the morning and return them from school to home in the afternoons.
School buses are not to be used by ineligible students to get to after school activities, jobs, friends etc.
Buses have a loading capacity and as some are combined with other schools they can be fully seated when all eligible students are on-board. We cannot carry ineligible students causing the buses to reach more than capacity.


Things to Know

Catching Buses

1. You pick up your bus in the mornings at a bus stop near your home (please refer to the bus routes below).
2. In the afternoons Primary students will meet together at the Junior Campus bus bay and will be transported to Longmore Lane bus bay so they can be put on the right ride home.

All Buses depart from Longmore Lane.

3. The Ministry Combined bus service provided by Ritchies. They will still require eligible students to have a colour coded bag tag so the routes they provide can be monitored. If you are eligible for using the Ministry Combined service routes please contact reception for the correct colour tag.

Bus Rules

CLICK HERE for the code of conduct expected of all KingsWay students who catch buses to and from school.

AT Hop Cards

1. Bayes Coachlines will not accept the 10-card concession ride/clip-cards. You MUST have an AT Hop card and you MUST tag on AND off the bus (or face the consequence: 3-Strikes of not tagging off = no ride on the bus as your card will be locked).

Please CLICK HERE to view quick instructions to register your AT HOP Card.
NOTE: AT HOP cards must be registered to a specific person. If that person is over 16 years of age they will be charged adult fares unless you take your AT HOP card and Student ID to our closest Service Centre: 
Albany Customer Service Centre: Northern Busway, 125 McClymonts Road, Albany
Operating hours: Monday to Friday 6.30am-7.00pm; Closed 11am-11:30am (lunch) Secondary Student Concessions on AT HOP cards are linked to each Student ID and will expire when the Student ID expires
If students have already visited the Albany Service Centre to load their student concession, please note that their concession will actually expire on the date their yearly Student ID expires. Accordingly, students will need to visit the service centre again with their new Student ID (yearly) to reload their eligibility for student concessions for the coming year.
Please refer to the information below for various routes near your area.


Bus Routes

North Shore Public Bus Services - Bayes Coachlines

All of our North Shore buses are run by Bayes Coachlines.
Click on their website to view route details and select 'KingsWay School'

Ministry Combined Services - Ritchies

The Ministry of Education provide a free shared Bus Service for the following areas:

(Students are required to show specific coloured tags on buses that are full. Tags can be collected from the Senior Campus reception)


1507 Horseshoe Bush, Blackbridge Roads - NO TAG

1509 Kaukapakapa, Waitoki, Pine Valley - BLUE TAG

1512 Stillwater - NO TAG

1515 Puhoi - NO TAG

1516 Tahekaroa - YELLOW TAG

1518 Parakai, Helensville, Wainui - GREEN TAG

1523 Haruru and Pine Valley - NO TAG

1570 Glen Eden - BLACK TAG

1572 Hobsonville - WHITE TAG

1577 Waimauku, Huapai, Coatsville - RED TAG

1590 Waitoki - NO TAG

11512 Spur Rd and Lennon Access - NO TAG


PLEASE NOTE: Ritchies have route maps on their website but these are currently being updated. Should you have any queries regarding your bus route, please email Ritchies at

KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |