Kingsway School

The vision for KingsWay graduates is that they may be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners who embody the Christian special character of the school.

Confident | Be able to:

Demonstrate an ability to articulate and defend their faith and convictions
Appreciate and accept their giftings and abilities and others as unique creations made in God’s image
Make decisions based on Biblical principles and the leading of the Holy Spirit
Manage themselves and their learning
Respond to a changing world

Connected | Be able to:

Develop a personal relationship with God
Relate to others and communicate effectively
Connect to the wider church and community
Seek to impact and serve the wider community, locally, nationally and internationally
Practice wise stewardship of their resources and environment

Actively involved | Be able to:

Engage critically and strategically with culture
Contribute to society through responsible citizenship, cultural, economic and environmental leadership

Lifelong learners | Be able to:

Be literate and numerate
Be creative and critical thinkers
Be able to apply learning to real life contexts
Reflect on their thinking
Love learning and be committed to ongoing growth
Demonstrate resilience

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KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |