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We regard our Alumni as a significant part of our KingsWay family and we aim to nurture this community in the years to come.

This is an opportunity to connect with each other and make an investment into helping the next generation. In order to do this, please stay in touch through the following ways:


1. Update Your Details

Please CLICK HERE to fill in the online form with your current details. These details will remain private.

2. Alumni Facebook Group

We encourage all our past students to please JOIN our Alumni Facebook Group. This is where we will let our Alumni know of upcoming events at KingsWay School and anything else that we think would interest our past student body.


Events for the Future

5-year Class Reunion

Shared dinner held at the Senior School campus on a Friday evening in late November.

10 year Class Reunion

Family lunch (PYO) held at a local cafe on a Sunday afternoon in late November.

KingsWay School Birthday Party held every 5 years e.g. 35th, 40th, 45th

These events can vary. In the past we have celebrated with a Saturday afternoon of sport, Alumni vs KWS 1st teams followed by an evening showcase of memorable school performances and activities from the last 5 years.

50th, 75th and 100th KingsWay School Reunions

These milestone years will be celebrated with a series of events held across all school campuses. This will take place near the date of our Founders Day in August of the respective years.


Contact Us

For all other details relating to our KingsWay School Alumni, please contact Louise Gray by email

KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |