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So, you are finishing Year 13 and you have no idea what you want to do next year. Are you someone who loves to serve are up for a challenge and love to give back? KingsWay School is seeking Year 13's to spend a year of their lives joining the staff in providing quality, authentic Christian education.
The programme is not for the faint hearted. Still interested? Read on to see if you qualify to attend.

Your mission – should you accept it – will involve:
  • A year of amazing personal and spiritual growth
  • Extensive development of your intra and inter-personal skills
  • Being thrown into the proverbial deep end
  • Opportunities to work alongside younger or older students
  • Time to find yourself and identify next steps for your life
  • Relating closely to teachers and support staff
  • Attending and assisting with the running of camps and overseas mission trips
  • Having heaps of fun along the way
  • Giving back to the school
Benefits to you include:
  • The year would provide you an opportunity to experience a range of activities and opportunities and develop and enhance several competencies
  • Spiritually, you will be mentored and in turn mentor others through activities such as devotions and coaching
  • You will attend and be equipped with the skills to assist mission trips, sports exchanges, several camps, one-on-one tutoring, etc.
  • You will be enrolled in one theological paper and complete a discipleship program which includes readings and practical application
  • You will be provided with pocket money each week to cover your immediate needs and the cost of all school related activities, including trips
  • The year will provide you an opportunity to meaningfully engage while you explore a future vocation, perhaps in teaching
  • The year will focus on personally providing you with a life changing experience.
Activities could include:

Term 1 Activities
1. Year 13 camp
2. Ball set up and organisation
3. History camps
4. Athletics Day
5. Outdoor Education camp
6. Sport coaching
7. Assistance in classes

Term 2 Activities
1. Mission Trips
2. Sporting Exchange
3. Geography Camp
4. Top Town
5. Outdoor Education camps
6. Overseas sports exchange
7. Assistance in classes
8. Sport coaching
9. Assistant with Senior School Production

Term 3 Activities
1. Sports Tournament Week
2. Production Assistance – Senior School
3. Relationship Evenings
4. Bethlehem Exchange
5. Cross Country
6. Outdoor Education camps
7. Assistance in classes
8. Assistance with Senior School Production

Term 4 Activities
1. Year 9 camp
2. Graduation set up
3. Primary camp
4. Relate/Quest
5. Prize-givings
6. Trips
7. Assisting with athletics organisation

• Reader/Writer
• Assemblies
• Clerical work
• Set up
• Classroom assistance

Will include one of the following:
• Duty, will include lunch time tutoring
• Sport oversight
• Peer support
• Study supervision and assistance
• Attendance at Staff Devotions
• Assistance in classes and running small groups

Still interested? Pray and chat to your parents and complete an application form before the end of Week 2, Term 4.

Intern – Personal Profile
  • Honest and reliable.
  • Excellent interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  • Be a true servant leader
  • Interns have to demonstrate:
    Impeccable character and integrity – a calling to the role
    A clear faith and desire to grow in their knowledge and personal growth
    A willingness and ability to relate to a wide range of age groups
    Confidentiality and punctuality
    A desire to ‘muck in’ and make a difference
    A proven track record of being able to follow direction.
  • Exhibit at least three of the following competencies:
    Academically able and achieving at Excellence or Merit
    Above average sporting ability in one of KingsWay’s main sporting codes
    Strengths in the performing arts, e.g. set design, lighting, acting
    Strength in ICT
    Ability to work cross-culturally, e.g. with Maori, International students.
  • Interns need to:
    To satisfactorily pass a NZ Police vet
    Be in possession of a current learner’s driver licence
    Be endorsed by a Pastor
    Attend a Church regularly
    Have the support of their parents/caregivers
    Be interviewed and endorsed by the Executive Principal
    Demonstrate a huge capacity and capability
    Hold a valid passport and be eligible to stay in New Zealand for the year
    Be a self-starter.

We look forward to receiving an application from you soon.

Graeme Budler
(Executive Principal)





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