I am delighted to report the outcome of the recent Educational Review Office’s evaluation findings for KingsWay School. The reviewers offered high praise for the school and KingsWay was granted a 4/5 year review cycle - the best possible outcome and reserved for exceptionally well performing schools. I would like to thank the BOT, management and teachers for their ongoing dedication to the cause of quality Christian education for all students.

The full report can be viewed on the KingsWay website: http://www.kingsway.school.nz/key-documents                                


Graeme Budler

(Executive Principal)



Daniel Fennell graduated from KingsWay in 2015 and is studying a Bachelor of Architecture at Auckland University. Daniel has received the honour of being named a finalist in the prestigious Brick Bay Folly 2018 Competition in which the eventual winner will receive a $30,000 towards realising their project. This is a highly impressive achievement, given that all the other finalists are professional architects. Daniel’s piece and further information can be found at
Daniel is still highly involved at KingsWay School by coaching the KingsWay 1st XI Boys Football team, and co-coaching the 2nd Girls Football team. KingsWay is very proud of this young man. 

Year 12 student Jonty Knocker was recently invited by EA Games, (the large American video game company), to their “gamechanger program” to get exclusive access to the game ‘Battlefront II’ before its release so that he could film some exclusive videos for his YouTube channel. Along with about 40 other YouTubers from around the world, EA paid for Jonty to attend the event held in Redwood Shores, San Francisco. He was able to talk with the developers and other content creators about the game. This was an amazing opportunity not only to travel but also to network within the industry. You can check out his YouTube channel to see the videos that he created from attending the event. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA1oEnRYKBmFDAcoKso2pAA


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