KingsWay enrolment

Attendance Dues

KingsWay School is a state integrated school. The Proprietors own the land and buildings and safeguard our special distinctiveness as a Christian school. Operational funding is received from the government by the same formula as applied to state schools and recognises that the school is responsible for its own capital development and ensuing debt. To meet the debt the Ministry of Education allows the school to charge attendance dues and gives approval for the amount of the Attendance Dues.

As we are an integrated school, the government does not fund any property development at the school. The Attendance Dues enable the Proprietors to carry out on-going and much needed property development and maintenance. Without it we wouldn’t have a school. Therefore, the payment of the Attendance Dues is a condition of entry and a condition of continued enrolment. The money goes directly to the Proprietors via direct debit. Please contact Lynn Hewitt at NZCPT at 

Attendance Dues are $1920.00 including GST per annum.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Attendance Dues Direct Debit form. This form is to be used for Attendance Dues ONLY.

The completed and signed authority needs to be dropped off at the school office, marked for NZCPT attention or posted direct to NZCPT PO Box 306, Orewa, 0946.


Special Character Donation

We also request a Special Character Donation of $636.00 per annum which allows us to provide personnel and resources in line with our special character.

Although it is not compulsory it is absolutely vital to our survival. Not only does it provide resources to implement the ‘Christian worldview’ (Special Character) in all we do, but it also supplements what we receive from government funding so we can ‘add value’ to such things as ICT developments, subsidise programmes, provide additional staffing and resources and develop initiatives in sport, art andcultural activities.
The Special Character fee is an ongoing fee and can be paid into this account number: 12-3084-0192348-00
This is an automatic payment set up and controlled by the parents themselves.


School Development Fee

Over the past ten years there has been huge development of the land and buildings to cope with our growing roll and to ensure that there are facilities that will provide for enhanced teaching and learning in line with our desire to provide top quality Christian education.

For new families enrolling we request a contribution of $600.00 per family to assist with the School Development that is constantly taking place.

This one off fee and can be paid into this account number 12-3084-0192348-00


Activity Fees and Other School Specific Payments

All other payments are payed to the specific school accounts. These payments include Activity Fees for Primary and Middle School, school camps and other specific payments within the Primary, Middle and Senior School. Parents will be contacted regarding these specific payments once their child has been enrolled. 

The account numbers are as follows:

Primary School: 12-3084-0192348-53
Middle School: 12-3084-0192348-54
Senior School: 12-3084-0192348-55


Accounts Department Contact

Should you need to contact the accounts department at KingsWay School, please email at 




KingsWay School | PO Box 54, Red Beach, 0945
KingsWay Senior Campus : 100 Jelas Road, Red Beach | +64-9-427-0900 |
KingsWay Junior Campus : 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale | +64-9-421-9350 |