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Start Dates for Term 1, 2015

Friday, January 23 International Orientation Day
Wednesday, January 28 Years 1-9 Classes Commence
Monday, February 2 Year 10 Orientation Day
Tuesday, February 3 Years 10 - 13 Classes Commence


Appointment of New Associate Principal Teaching and Learning Practice

Dear Parents and Students

Greetings. I trust that you have or are still enjoying a wonderful summer break. Congratulations to our senior students who, once again, have achieved commendable NCEA results.

As I have assumed the role of Executive Principal of KingsWay School this year, the position of Associate Principal became vacant and was advertised towards the end of 2014. The interview panel, which included representatives from the Board of Trustees, Board of Proprietors and Executive Management Team, was encouraged to receive a high calibre of applicants for this executive management position. It gives me great delight to announce to the KingsWay community that Ms Kaya Lombaard has been appointed to the permanent role of Associate Principal of Teaching and Learning Practice. Kaya will be known to many of you as the previous Head of Senior School and has a strong reputation as an outstanding Christian educator who connects positively with all stakeholders in our community. I want to congratulate her on attaining this position and wish her well as she oversees the curriculum practice at KingsWay.

I am praying that God will truly bless our KingsWay community in 2015 as we individually place Christ first in our lives.

Yours sincerely
Graeme Budler
(Executive Principal)

Executive Principal's Welcome

It is with pleasure that I include a personal message on this web site. KingsWay is a diverse school which operates on four campuses and includes two satellites, namely Jireh School and Tau Te Arohanoa Akoranga. The aim of KingsWay School is captured by our mission statement which states that we exist,

“To be a Christian community of learning that nurtures young people towards their full potential as servant leaders in the kingdom of God”.

To achieve this aim, the school delivers a rich, diverse and holistic curriculum that includes all the Ministry of Education essential learning areas, a range of extra-curricular opportunities, the mastery of 21st century key competencies and a strong emphasis on values education. For a more comprehensive understanding of the KingsWay curriculum, I encourage you to view the KingsWay Curriculum document which is included on this website.

Development of Christian character and servant leadership are important objectives for our students. We seek to encourage young people in the understanding and articulation of their Christian faith, in service within the community and in living their lives enthusiastically and with integrity. All areas of school life are viewed and taught from a biblical worldview. Experienced and professional staff are committed to partnering with parents to assist our students to thrive as transformational Christian leaders in the 21st century nurture.

I am confident that your child can prosper in every way at KingsWay School and I look forward to welcoming your family to this school.


Graeme Budler

Executive Principal